Avoid the stress of moving by choosing an International Moving Company that you can trust. When planning on traveling overseas, there are many tasks that must be accomplished before your move. Rather than hand your belongings to a company with no solid background, thoroughly check each moving company so you can be at ease during your transition.

Cheap Rates

It’s crucial to find a few companies of interest and compare prices. Taking the first company that offers a low rate is not advised. Often international movers will offer cheap prices with hidden rates so you need to ask exactly what the total cost will be. Additionally, paying a little more for higher quality service may be worth it. When hiring a company at a cheaper rate there is a higher risk of having your belongings damaged or lost. It’s best to get 2-3 quotes before making your final decision.

No Experience

When researching companies to help assist with your move overseas, see how many years they’ve been in business. A company who has been servicing for 20 years has a strategic system which ensures their services run smoothly. Also, if the company has been around for several years to a decade, there are surely testimonials and reviews. Investigate every aspect so you make the right choice.

No Container Shipping Variety

Generally, international moving companies will provide durable containers at no extra fee. However, not all companies offer refrigerated containers or tank shipping containers. Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, transport meat, fish, fruit, dairy, plants and other perishables. Tank shipping containers are beneficial when carrying bulk liquids such as cooking oils or any type of flammable liquid. Thoroughly investigate which types of containers are offered and at what cost.

Uninsured Company

If a moving company doesn’t disclose that they are insured on their website, this should come as a red flag. You can also go to SaferSys.org to search for the international mover’s insurance. Here you can find all of the company’s direct information. It’s also a wise decision to contact the Better Business Bureau to see how many complaints the company has had.

Cash Up Front

Be aware of movers who ask for large amounts of cash before moving. There is always the chance that they can take the money and run. Moving companies never demand vast amounts of money before providing the service. moving companies near me

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