A career in Voice Acting can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about their craft. Many voice actors start out working on a part-time basis while maintaining a full-time job in another industry and gradually work their way into voice acting as a full time occupation. The perks of being a voice actor include the ability to make your own hours, variety of projects (especially with animation work), and job security (once you establish a connection with a production company and they start referring jobs to you on a regular basis).

As with any artistic pursuit, finding roles can be a lengthy process and it’s not uncommon for aspiring voice actors to get passed over when first auditioning. However, with enough persistence and a little bit of luck, you will eventually start booking roles.

For those who are able to secure regular gigs, the rates they earn can be very competitive. Typically, the more established a voice actor is and the more notable clients they have in their portfolio, the higher their rate will be.

To be a successful voice actor, you will also need to have access to professional-grade recording equipment. Some aspiring voice actors also choose to hire a home studio space and invest in coaching and vocal training to improve their performance.

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