The city of Miams needs no introduction: its glitz, glamour and perpetual sun-kissed beaches enchant visitors with an alluring allure that’s impossible to resist. Beyond the glitz and glitter, though, the lush landscape, tropical wildlife and crystal-blue seas of South Florida make for a nature lover’s paradise with awe-inspiring natural beauty at every turn.

With a high score in Beauty and Parks, Shopping and Restaurants, and Nightlife and Entertainment, this area has it all: big-city jobs, trendy cafes and co-working spaces, cuisines from around the world, and a thriving arts scene. It’s also a great place for families, as there are several parks with playgrounds, bike paths and the R Hardy Matheson Country Preserve to keep everyone active.

Brickell is home to a thriving business district, with a bustling mix of young professionals and young families in its sleek condo towers and co-working spaces. It’s the perfect neighborhood to meet other locals with its many bars and restaurants, such as Blackbird Ordinary, a popular spot for craft cocktails and board games, or Sugar, with a 270-degree panorama from the Everglades to the Atlantic.

The Grove has shed its image as a drunken college party hotspot, and now attracts a grown-up crowd to bars like Botanico, with its orange velvet walls, animal print seating and Murano glass leaf chandelier, or Monty’s for a seaside happy hour institution. Foodies can tuck into opulent, fine dining at Major Food Group’s new upscale steakhouse Dirty French Steakhouse, which boasts an 80s-inspired space with a menu featuring mushroom millefeuille, lobster ravioli, crab cake croustillant and caviar vichyssoise.

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