A ptfe hose manufacturer provides a wide variety of metal and PTFE lined hosing for various industrial applications. These hoses are commonly used for transferring liquids such as solvents, acids and petroleum products to and from tanks and containers within industrial plants. These hosings are more versatile and durable than traditional rubber hoses and provide several advantages such as corrosion resistance, higher durability and enhanced flexibility.

The hosings are also resistant to UV or Ozone exposure. Moreover, they are compatible with different types of chemicals and are non-toxic, bio-compatible and inert in nature. This helps to maintain the purity of substances transferred through these hosings. The hosings are available in a variety of sizes and have low volumetric expansion, allowing them to respond quickly to system pressure changes.

Supplier of sanitary convoluted PTFE hoses with black anti-static EPDM and stainless steel wire braided covers, ideal for pharmaceutical or fine chemical manufacturing. Hoses can withstand -65 to +450 °F temperatures and up to 15,000 psig working pressure. Stainless steel end connections, insulating wraps and custom fabrication available. Field engineering, installation, plant surveys and product training offered.

ISO 9001:2015 certified custom manufacturer of air and hydraulic hoses including PTFE and stainless steel. Types include braided, hot tar, asphalt, interlocked, dust control, air, suction, chemical, material handling, hydraulic and lay flat hosing. Also offers ducting, vacuum and water hoses. Serving chemical, oil and gas, food, power generation, marine, pump, valve, mechanical contracting and aerospace industries. ptfe hose manufacturer

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