During the two past millenniums craftsmen have designed and created different styles of silver menorah. Some have created monumental ones carved from Jerusalem stones while others honered them in pure gold and silver. Many of them are adorned with intricate decorations that evoke the Jewish heritage and celebrate the holidays.

It was Chanukah. Rochel, a widowed grandmother, had commissioned a local silversmith to fashion a large menorah in her memory. She pored over sketches and worked closely with the artisan to ensure her gift would be perfect. Her daughter Helen, a strong-willed woman, loved the piece and treasured it. In fact, it was her one connection with her mother who had passed away years before.

This magnificent, finely crafted sterling silver menorah rests on four ornately sculpted legs that curve steeply upwards in twelve facets. Each facet is etched with a detailed scrollwork design. Atop the facets is a smooth silver band that narrows inward and then is edged by a further twelve curved panels which also narrow. This menorah is topped by a circular cup on each arm which can hold either oil or wax candles.

The enchanting display of elegance and dynamism that this particular menorah presents exemplifies the critical Jewish concept of hiddur mitzvah, or beautifying a ritual with beautiful objects. It can be used as a centerpiece for your Hanukkah celebrations and as an object of beauty to grace your home throughout the year. 1stDibs offers 48 variations of silver menorah in a variety of styles, ranging from Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern to contemporary designs. silver menorah

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