Baseball and its history are rife with tradition, but the sport’s uniform doesn’t have to be boring. Custom stirrup socks can add a splash of color and personality to your team’s wardrobe. We offer a variety of custom designs for both men and women in different lengths and styles. Our socks are also made in the USA to guarantee a high-quality product.

While many fans were raised watching Brooks Robinson in sanitary socks and stirrups, most players no longer wear the style. Most of the major leagues have moved away from this look to pants that extend all the way down to the ankles. The change has also forced players to find fresh designs for their hosiery.

The origin of baseball stirrups dates back to the late 19th century, when players first wore knickerbockers, or short pants. Those pants required the use of long socks called “sanitaries,” which were usually white in color. The sanitaries were washed often, and to save time they were double wrapped around the foot and tied with a stirrup (a secondary strapped sock) that fit within the arch of the foot. The stirrup prevented the sanitaries from sliding down the leg, while the tie provided comfort and added a bit of flair to the player’s uniform.

Until the mid 1990s, most major league baseball players wore their uniforms with the pants and socks tied like this. The trend soon caught on among players in the minor and amateur leagues, too. Today, most players wear their uniform pants down to the knee and do not wear a separate pair of socks. However, some teams still do choose to wear a single pair of customized stirrup socks.

These custom socks feature a team logo or other branding and can be printed with either stripes or solid colors. They can be worn with baseball, softball, or tee ball outfits. These socks are made from a high-quality material and are extremely durable. They’re also easy to wash. They’re a great option for teams with multiple youth and adult members who need uniforms that can stand up to frequent washing.

Whether your team plays in the Little League or in college, our custom stirrups will give you a professional-looking look. You can even add your team’s sponsor logo to the socks, which gives you an opportunity to sell ad space to your sponsors.

Our online builder makes it easy to create the perfect baseball and softball custom stirrups for your team. The tool allows you to select your team’s colors and then pick from our wide selection of stripes, patterns, and other customization options. Please remember that computer monitors vary in color brightness, so when choosing your team’s colors it’s important to match them based on the name of the color and not the color you see on the screen. You can also choose a sock or stirrup size based on your team’s needs and preferences. To get started, click here! custom stirrup socks

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