Angel Figurines are a popular collectible that is usually made of glass, porcelain or resin. They can be a beautiful addition to any home or make a wonderful gift. They are also a great addition to any Christmas decorating.

The art of creating these figurines is very complex. It requires the cooperation of various craftsmen and artists. The process involves several steps, including firing the ceramics and painting them.


Founded in 1835, the Scheibe-Alsbach Porcelain Manufactory was one of Germany’s most famous porcelain factories. It produced beautiful, intricate statues, figurines and groups that were often characterized by a delicate artistic sensitivity. It also produced a number of famous historical figures, including Napoleon and his generals.

In 1972, the company became part of the state-owned V.E.B (Vereinigte Edelweissporzellanwerke). In 1990, after German reunification, it was taken over by the Koniglich privilegierte Porzellanfabrik Tettau G.m.b.H. The new owner was not interested in keeping the factory operational, so most of the buildings were demolished. The company did keep its brands, trademarks and molds, however.

The process used to manufacture Scheibe-Alsbach figures is somewhat different from the process of other manufacturers. They use a combination of cold and hot working methods, which result in a very high quality product. This method allows them to produce more complicated models and figurines than other manufacturers, but the process is time consuming and labor intensive.

This is a wonderful example of an antique Scheibe-Alsbach Garde Imperiale Porcelain figure, seated on a horse with drum mallet. This piece was produced between 1887 and 1905. The figure is signed with blue KPM marks and swords underglaze markings. It is stamped 779/9 and is in excellent condition. It would make a lovely addition to any collection!


The Saxon town of Meissen is famous for its porcelain production, a tradition that dates back to 1710. Meissen was the first factory to develop a white, enamelled glaze. It is a hard and dense material that requires great skill to create. The process is extremely complicated and involves firing several times. The glaze must be applied evenly, and any cracks that occur are filled in. Once the glaze is applied, a pattern or design is carved into it. The final product is then decorated with paint or underglaze.

The factory also made a variety of tableware, such as vases and snuff boxes. In the 18th century, the factory adapted to changing tastes, moving away from rococo designs and adopting neoclassical patterns inspired by new discoveries at Pompeii and classical architecture. The factory also experimented with combining Asian styles with European forms and making fantasy chinoiserie.

One of the most important Meissen modellers was Johann Joachim Kandler, who produced a range of figures based on stock characters from the Italian comedia dell’arte form of theatre. These included harlequins, fools, and devious servants. Kandler also created the enchanting frog chess game and a series of 14 costumes for porcelain animals.

After the death of Kandler, the chief modeller became Johann Jakob Kirchner. He produced many Baroque saints and figurines in the rococo style. He also created a menagerie of enormous porcelain animals, including exotic birds, elephants, and rhinoceroses.


Lladro is a famous brand of porcelain figurines from Spain. The company’s creations are renowned for their delicate, bluish hues and wide array of pastel shades. The usual themes are those that depict human sentiments and feelings, but the company also has a variety of fanciful conceptions. Each piece is made following a process that is totally artisanal. The company’s quality control is strict and only those pieces that pass are stamped with a unique identifier on the base.

Although Lladro is a very large company, the firm maintains a close relationship with its artists and workers. The company provides its artisans with a range of training opportunities, which allows them to develop their own artistic talent and creativity. These talents are nurtured within a culture that is similar to that of Renaissance workshops. The results of this work are figurines that are admired worldwide.

Collectors can find Lladro figurines in a number of different venues. They can find them at auctions, estate sales, and even online. It’s a good idea to consult a value guide for these figurines to ensure that you are buying a genuine Lladro piece. These guides list pertinent information, such as the designer, year made, and year retired. Those who are looking to buy a particular piece can find it by using the search functions in the value guide.

Jay Strongwater

The Jay Strongwater collection features decorative home decor items such as frames, figurines and ornaments. Each piece is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious jewels, hand-painted with enamel and hand-set by skilled artisans in the company’s Rhode Island workshop. The collection is sold at upscale department stores throughout the country, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. It is also available online.

The company’s story began in 1981 when designer Jay Feinberg (Jay Strongwater is an Anglicized spelling of his mother’s maiden name, Starkwasser) created a bejeweled necklace for his mother. He took his jewelry to open buyer days at New York’s top department stores and was immediately contacted by buyers and editors who wanted more.

He adapted his design skills to the upscale market and launched his first line of bejeweled objects in 1995. His first picture frame used components he had previously reserved for his jewelry designs and was a big hit. He started giving the frames to fashion editors and buyers, who encouraged him to expand his collection.

Each Jay Strongwater piece goes through a lengthy design and manufacturing process to ensure that the pieces are of the highest quality. The Imperial Dragon Figurine, for example, began as a clay model, then was molded in pewter and painted with gold, bronze and enamels. The final product is dripping with Swarovski crystals and holds a rock crystal sphere. angel figurines manufacturers

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