With the plethora of options available to passengers, booking flight tickets can seem complicated. Booking flight tickets on an airline’s website can prove to be the best option, given the ease of booking. Moreover, airlines may offer services to passengers who book airline tickets through their official website.

Airlines offer an array of services to passengers booking flight tickets through their official websites. Look out for the following services while selecting an airline:

* Manage booking service: This service enables you to provide your contact details and other specifications while booking your tickets online. You can later modify your details using the same service anytime. Some airlines allow you to make the modifications as late as 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

* Airline credit cards: Certain airlines offer their own Gold or Platinum credit cards. These cards provide additional privileges, such as enrollment bonus, excess baggage allowance and concierge services, to cardholders.

* Mobile phone information services: Some airlines send instant flight status, schedule and flight alerts on your mobile phone. Thus you are updated promptly on any delay in your flight departure time or a flight cancellation.

* Insurance: Certain airlines provide travel insurance to safeguard you and your belongings while you are traveling.

* GPRS-based mobile ticketing service: You can also book your tickets using applications on your mobile phone anytime and from anywhere. Besides, you can change your itinerary, manage your payment cards, cancel the bookings and get refunds through this mobile service.

* Make multi-city bookings: If you are planning to break journey and tour another destination before returning to your city of origin, you can use this facility to book all your tickets in one go. It saves on time and hassles. This service is provided by only certain airlines.

* Hotel bookings: You can also book a hotel room at your destination city through the official websites of some airlines.

Booking Flight Ticket via Airline Website: Security Tips

The following tips will help you ensure that you are on the authentic website and not becoming a victim of phishing or identity theft:

* Call the toll free number given on the site to confirm the authenticity.

* Check the VeriSign logo on the website to ensure that your payments and credit card information will be secure.

* Get Verified by Visa (VBV) or MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) for your credit card. This will add another password to your existing Visa card or MasterCard, providing you with additional protection.

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