The human link protein N-terminal peptide (LPP) was synthesized using the standard solid phase peptide synthesis method and characterized by electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy. The purity of the peptide was higher than 92%.

In this high-dose peptide vaccine cohort, we observed immunological responses in three patients similar to the first 300 mg cohort5. In patient #2, the peripheral blood counts improved and required less frequent blood transfusions under peptide vaccination therapy; however, these increases were not associated with T-cell response to RHAMM-R3. This observation suggests that other anti-cancer cellular factors besides the peptide RHAMM-R3 might contribute to clinical effects of peptide vaccination.

This ready-to-use peptide-based formula delivers high calories in a liquid formulation that’s calorically dense and flows smoothly through enteral feeding tubes. It is free of whey, gluten, casein, milk, soy, nuts and corn and contains organic hydrolyzed organic pea protein, functional fats, and carbohydrates that provide a healthy source of energy. It also contains a phytonutrient blend of extracts and concentrates sourced from broccoli, kale, berries and turmeric to deliver free-radical fighting antioxidants. Kate Farms Peptide 1.5 is low in sodium and has no artificial sweeteners. It’s made with select ingredients to help support digestion and flow easily through tube feeding pumps. Each 325 mL carton has 500 calories. buy peptides

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