The craft of diamond painting has taken the world by storm, becoming a favorite hobby for many people looking to be creative and relax at the same time. This addictive new craft is similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, but instead of liquid paint and a brush, you’ll be using tiny plastic beads called “drills.” These little shiny beads have one flat side and a faceted or pointed end, making them look like jewels. Each canvas has a pre-printed design or picture, with small spaces labeled with a color code or number that you fill in with the appropriate colored diamond drills.

The process is very relaxing and calming, with the repetitive movement and careful attention required of each step helping to melt away stress and tension from the day. Most people find that it’s so enjoyable that they can easily lose track of time and end up spending all night working on their project! A high-quality diamond art kit will have everything you need to get started. You’ll get a pre-printed canvas with a clear protective film covering it, an applicator or diamond pen with a soft grip and 3 different attachments, tweezers, and a handy container of wax. You’ll also want to make sure the canvas is a quality paper with a sticky surface so the diamonds will adhere properly.

When you start a new project, remove the film and pick a section of the canvas to work on. Begin placing the drills in their corresponding colors, starting with the bottom left corner of the canvas. Use the applicator to place each diamond, or a multi-placer tool if you have one available, to keep them organized and secure on the canvas. If you have a large area of the same color, use a book or rolling pin to gently press the canvas to further secure the diamonds. After each session, be sure to replace the plastic film on the canvas so you don’t lose any of your hard-earned work!

Once your masterpiece is complete, you’ll be ready to frame it and hang it on the wall. It makes a great addition to any home decor and is also an excellent gift for someone special!

When choosing a diamond art shop, be sure to choose a reputable seller that offers a variety of designs for all skill levels. Not all kits are created equal, and working on a low-quality project can feel more like a chore than a fun hobby. You’ll also want to choose a canvas with a brightly colored image that sparkles and shines when finished! Happy crafting! diamond painting shop

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