Fire pumps are essential to the safety of personnel and property in many situations. They must be properly installed, inspected and tested to ensure they operate correctly when the need arises. These fire safety devices are regulated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local building codes. Deciding which pump is right for a facility should be discussed by the design engineer, the fire safety professional, and the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

KSB offers a complete line of UL/FM fire fighting pumps designed for installation on fire trucks and for use as a stand-alone water pump. KSB’s fire fighting pumps are produced with high quality materials and components to provide maximum reliability and long service life. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be configured with different types of drivers including PTO, hydraulic, diesel engine, electric motor and others.

The two leading manufacturers of fire pumps made specifically for installation on fire trucks have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that each imposed restraints that reduced competition in the market for truck-mounted fire pumps. The settlements would prohibit the respondents, Hale Products and Waterous Company, from requiring that fire truck manufacturers purchase their midship-mounted fire pumps exclusively or require them to refrain from purchasing any other fire pump for installation on their trucks. The settlements would also require each respondent to send a notice to every fire truck manufacturer with which it has done business in the past two years and to any new truck manufacturers with which it does future business.

A fire pump manufacturer can offer a wide range of different nozzles, water control systems and other accessories for use with their products. These are manufactured and assembled in the US by a variety of companies throughout the country. They are designed to meet all the requirements of the NFPA and local building codes. They are also produced with the highest quality components and materials to ensure long service life and excellent operation and performance.

In addition to providing the optimum level of safety and performance, these fire fighting pumps are highly efficient. This translates to less electricity and fuel used for their operation. In addition, they have a low emissions rating and are built with environmentally friendly materials.

KSB has been manufacturing industrial and firefighting pumps for over 130 years. KSB’s in-house foundries and state-of-the-art research facilities allow for unparalleled product quality and consistency. They also have a global presence to support their customers’ needs in their own regions. KSB is committed to continuous improvement in the manufacture of their pumps and other fire protection equipment. This is achieved through customer-centric design, quality engineering, a strong quality assurance program and in-house testing capabilities. Their global team of sales and marketing professionals is ready to help with any project. They can work with clients to provide the best solutions for their specific needs and budgets.

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