A rockwell hardness tester for sale allows users to quickly and accurately measure the hardness of materials. The test measures the resistance of a material to deformation by forcing a hard tool into it, usually a diamond cone or steel ball. This leaves an impression on the surface of the material. The tool’s penetration depth and the size of this impression are used to determine the hardness of the material. There are several different types of tests for determining the hardness of materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the Brinell test method uses a spherical indenter to distribute the pressure evenly and so is more accurate than the Rockwell test method, which does not. However, the Brinell test requires a large test load and so is not suitable for thin or fragile samples. The test also needs a smooth, clean and flat surface for the tool to leave an impression on. This can be difficult on some materials.

The Vickers test is another microhardness testing technique, but it is less suitable for hard metals than the Brinell or Rockwell methods. It is used to measure the diameter of an indentation on a material’s surface. It can be inaccurate if the support surface has impurities. The indentation left by a Vickers test may also be distorted due to the narrow diamond shaped indenter.

These factors mean that it is important to choose the right hardness tester for the job. Fortunately, Grainger offers a number of quality portable and bench-mounted models that can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, a Bruton model can be used to measure the hardness of metal alloys such as cast iron and steel. It is also available with a wide range of standard test loads.

Other hardness testers for sale include the Qualitest and HardRocker series that can be used for either regular or superficial Rockwell tests, as well as Brinell and Vickers tests. They come in both analog and digital models and feature a number of configurations to suit specific metal alloys. Some of these models can be upgraded to perform additional tests such as Brinell and Leebs.

Buehler offers a comprehensive selection of metallographic equipment and supplies for use by metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments and failure analysis specialists worldwide. Their products range from standard metallographic hardness testers to sophisticated systems for high-precision measurement of microscopic defects in materials. These machines are ideal for a variety of applications, including studying the grain structure of metals and alloys. Many of these hardness testers for sale are designed to measure the surface hardness of small precision parts and wires, as well as the case depth of castings and forgings.

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