In the Netherlands, Coffee shops are places where cannabis can be bought and smoked legally. They are popular destinations for drug tourists and are a symbol of Dutch tolerance and liberal attitude towards drugs. The Dutch government allows them to sell drugs without prosecution as long as they follow certain guidelines, such as keeping them in a special zone and not selling hard substances like cocaine or heroin. The popularity of the Coffee shops has led to debate over whether the policy should be abolished or tightened up.

Despite the ongoing debate and some recent efforts to close them down, most Amsterdam coffeeshops remain open. Some of them have become inescapable tourist traps, such as the famous Barney’s on Haarlemmerstraat, but others are still very popular and a real treat for your weed cravings. They often have creative interiors with a quirky or classy apothecary / drugstore vibe and offer personalized service and great food menus as well.

One of the best is Siberie, located in a residential neighborhood on Rosmarijnsteeg. It has a down-to-earth wholesomeness and is a favorite among locals, with staff that are very talkative and friendly to all guests. It also has a huge window on the street and is perfect for smoking or just sitting back and watching the world go by.

Coffee shops in the Netherlands are very safe, but you should always be aware of your surroundings and stay within the legal boundaries. It is recommended to always carry ID with you and show it when entering a coffee shop.

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