Commercial space for rent in Qatar is one of the major sectors that is currently growing at a rapid pace. This sector is driven by various factors including the growing construction activities, GDP growth and the introduction of new policies by the government. This sector includes commercial office spaces, shopping malls, retail shops, etc. Besides these, it also includes hospitality spaces such as hotels and restaurants. In the coming years, this sector is expected to grow even more.

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup behind us, Qatar has seen a surge in visitors, which has boosted hotel occupancy rates and revenues. This is expected to continue as the country moves forward with its national development plan, which focuses on developing infrastructure, building new cities and expanding public services.Qatar is a highly-developed country, with an economy largely dependent on oil and gas. It is considered to be one of the richest per capita countries in the world, which has created an impression that its residents enjoy a high standard of living. However, this is not entirely true, as a significant wealth gap exists between the highest and lowest echelons of society.The cost of living in Qatar is comparatively higher than that of most other Gulf states, though the country does not have the same tax structure as other Middle Eastern nations. As a result, expats must be prepared to pay more for housing, food and utilities, as well as vehicle insurance and fuel costs. In addition, many schools only accept local children, and while most employers offer an education allowance, this is not always enough to cover school fees for all children.It is also important to note that car maintenance in Qatar can be expensive, especially for American and European brands. Additionally, parking and speeding violations can carry hefty fines. Although some companies provide transport to and from work, it is not always possible or convenient to use these services, and most expats will need to own a car or hire a driver.As for food and drink, a lot of familiar products are available in Qatar, but they will come at a premium. Organic produce, meat and dairy are all imported, so expect to pay more than what you would at home.Cushman & Wakefield has a longstanding presence in Qatar, and offers a full range of real estate services to domestic and international clients. The firm’s clients include government sector bodies, high net worth individuals and private offices. It also provides valuation and advisory, consulting and research, commercial and residential agency, investment advice and property management. The company has a strong pipeline of new developments, including a number of mixed-use projects in Doha and other key markets.

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