Banners are an effective marketing tool for any business, whether they’re being used to promote a grand opening or for any other event. A well-designed banner is extremely memorable and can evoke positive brand recognition amongst future customers. It also has the added benefit of being portable and lightweight. Unlike other marketing materials that require heavy and cumbersome storage, banners fold down into a small package and can be easily transported from place to place.

Custom banners can be a great way to grab the attention of passersby, and they are an excellent choice for any outdoor or indoor event. To get the most out of your banner, make sure that it has a clear message and a call to action. Using a simple, readable text is important and keeping the design clean is essential. A busy, cluttered design can be hard to decipher from a distance and will draw less attention.

Choosing the right material for your banner is also important. We offer 15 oz standard vinyl (perfect for general use) as well as 18 oz Across The Street Vinyl (for long term, outdoor use). Both are constructed of heavy duty, durable polyester fabric that is weather resistant. Adding lamination will increase durability and protection against abrasion, moisture, UV light, and harsh environments. custom banners

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