Kids love to play pretend with their stuffed animals and this is good for them, especially because it encourages social interaction. Playing mommy or daddy to their plushies helps children learn how to communicate with others and gives them a feeling of responsibility and accomplishment. Plus, they can tote their little companions around with them on trips, unlike building blocks or remote-controlled robots that require adult help.

Stuffed animals are a universal symbol of comfort and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. From classic Teddy Bears to mythical creatures, there’s a cuddly plushie out there for everyone. For babies and toddlers, look for a soft, huggable stuffed animal that is well made to safely endure hours of imaginative play. Some stuffed animals can even double as a cozy pillow for naptime or bedtime.

Check out Target’s collection of cute stuffed animals to find the perfect match for your child. There are a wide range of characters and creatures to choose from, including animal buddies like cats, dogs and elephants, as well as soft unicorns and cuddly bunnies. You can also find plush toys from popular brands, like Disney Frozen plushes, Sanrio and Pusheen. If you’re looking for a kawaii stuffed animal, we have a number of Japanese-style bunnies and pigs that are sure to brighten up any room. cute stuffed animal

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