In the field of recreational vehicles, Dometic offers a wide range of products to ensure the comfort and safety of its customers. rv cooling units Whether you are looking for an air conditioning system, a kitchen appliance or a toilet, they are all designed to make mobile living as easy and comfortable as possible.

The RV business represents a major part of the company’s product portfolio, with over 60% of net sales in 2013 being from this area (Figure 7). These products are sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Aftermarket.

This business is mostly based in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

One of the most important aspects of this business is a high level of customer service and support. This is because a lot of the products in the RV business are complex and contain many different components that need to be worked on by a technician.

Therefore, it is vital for Dometic to be able to offer a single point of contact for customers and the services that they require in order to keep its position as a market leader.

To achieve this goal, Dometic has developed a strategy that is based on a strong focus on quality, product range and services. This strategy has helped Dometic to develop a strong reputation and a loyal customer base throughout the world.

In order to maintain and enhance this position, Dometic is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions in the field of corrosion protection. This is achieved through data searches, in-house development of ideas and external co-operation with commercial companies.

Sodium chromate is used as a corrosion inhibitor in the absorption refrigeration technology to reduce the rate of corrosion on carbon steel cooling units and refrigerators. It is a very efficient inhibitor and has a low toxicity.

However, it does not have the same effectiveness at higher temperatures. In addition, it causes problems with surface coatings because the chemical reaction with acidic aqueous media can produce acids that can penetrate through the coating to damage the steel.

The aim of this work is to find alternative corrosion inhibitors that do not cause problems with surface coatings and are able to inhibit corrosion at high temperatures.

Another aspect of this work is the development of new material combinations. This involves the analysis of existing materials to determine their performance under certain circumstances and the use of new material combinations with inhibitors to improve the performance.

As part of this research, Electrolux has also been involved in the development of new surface coatings with better properties in combination with new inhibitors to be used in absorption refrigeration systems.

In this project, Electrolux has developed a new coating material that is not only environmentally friendly but is also capable of protecting the stainless steel at very high temperatures without having to use an excessive amount of aqueous acid.

This is a highly innovative and cost-effective solution that has been designed to protect marine vessels from corrosion and provide them with superior performance. It is a result of years of research and testing that has been carried out by the team at Electrolux.

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