The benefits of double glazing swansea are numerous and include energy cost savings, increased security and quieter living. However, some double glazing salespeople are not as honest as others and will try to take advantage of you in any way they can. Thankfully, by recognising the seven dirty double glazing tricks that are used to part you from your hard-earned cash, you can avoid being a victim of these unethical sales tactics.

  1. The ‘Ridiculously Low Price’
    We are all conditioned by the advertising in newspapers and on TV to look for bargains, particularly during the’summer and January sales’. The double glazing salesperson who uses this tactic will try to entice you by offering a ‘ridiculously low price’ on their products. Unfortunately, this ‘discount’ will not only be of the same quality as you would pay for them in a normal shop but they are likely to have already sold their stock to other customers who are not as wise to these sales tactics.
  2. The Fake Government Scrappage Scheme
    Another common trick employed by unethical double glazing salespeople is the use of a fake Government scrappage scheme, where they offer you thousands off your new windows in exchange for your old ones. This scheme is completely fictitious, and the reason why these salespeople resort to this trick is to create a sense of urgency – they are telling you that this’scheme’ will only be available for a limited time, or else it will be taken away from you.
  3. The ‘Earthquake Discount’
    A similar ploy to entice you to purchase their products is to claim that they are selling their stock at a massively discounted price because it is ‘last season’s product’ or ‘leftover from the earthquake’. This is a trick often used by retailers to attract attention in the press and to boost their sales figures. However, it should not be used by the double glazing salesperson as it is not an accurate reflection of their products.
  4. The ‘Free Installation’
    Some double glazing salespeople will attempt to lure you by offering the installation of your rear doors and windows for free when you buy their front doors and windows. This is a trick which can be easily avoided, as it will not be of the same quality as a full installation by a reputable and honest double glazing company.
  5. The ‘Scrappage Scheme’
    As mentioned above, unethical double glazing salespeople will try to encourage you to buy by claiming that they are offering you thousands off your new windows in exchange for the removal of your old ones. This’scheme’ is a total scam, and you should never be sucked in by this deceitful tactic.
  6. The ‘Dual Glazing’
    The benefits of double glazing are many, including thermal insulation that keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Furthermore, it can also reduce the amount of noise that enters your property by creating a barrier between the two glass panes. However, it is worth noting that if one of the glass panes is much thicker than the other, this will have a detrimental effect on your acoustic insulation.

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