In this article I’m going to outline a couple of very effective smallmouth bass techniques. One technique is for the flowing water of a river or stream, and the other if for the still waters of a lake. This way both river and lake anglers are covered. For those of you who fish for smallmouth bass in lakes (as you know) boat is extremely important. As a matter of fact, a boat I all but a necessity for fishing for smallmouth in lakes, fishing from the bank is almost always ineffective.

The bottom line is that both of these techniques are extremely effective, and if you want to have even more success, make sure you use the weather & moon to your advantage as well. What do I mean by this? Simply that the weather & moon have an incredible impact on the behavior of fish, and this information can be used to your advantage when fishing for smallmouth bass (or any other species of fish for that matter). Learn the simple ways that the weather & moon impact fishing and you will catch more fish, it’s that simple.

The first smallmouth bass technique I want to outline is using top water plugs n lakes. The first thing to consider is that in order for this technique to be as effective as it should be, the water must be almost completely flat. Or as water skiers like to refer to it: “Like glass”. So, the first thing you want is flat water. This usually occurs in the early morning or late evening, FYI.
The next thing to consider is where you should be fishing. The best area of any lake or river for this effective smallmouth bass technique is where weeds and broken rocks come together. Smallmouth bass always prefer these areas. You want to look for areas where broken rock (from softball sized rocks to large boulders) comes together. Couple this with flat water and top water plugs and you’re in for a ton of fun.

The next effective smallmouth bass technique is for use in the flowing water of a river or stream. The rig I’m going to outline is a bait rig. Although the rig is effective with many types of bait, it’s most effective with worms (either live or synthetic). The rig is set up like this: take the end of you line and tie on a small barrel swivel (matched to your fishing line). On the opposite end of the barrel swivel, tie on a set of gang hooks. Split shot sinkers are added above the barrel swivel for weight, and a worm is added to the set of gang hooks. This is the rig.

Now for the second effective smallmouth bass technique. Cast your rig parallel to the current, and allow it to flow naturally with the current. The goal is to have your offering bounce along the bottom as it flows naturally with the current. Split shot sinkers should be added or removed as necessary. With practice distinguishing between the bottom and bites becomes easy. Don’t worry about getting snagged, getting snagged is simply part of the technique. baked bar disposable vape

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