Electric heaters convert electricity into heat energy. They are usually portable and can be used as a temporary or permanent heating solution. They can either be space heaters that use infrared radiation to directly heat objects in the room or convection-style models that draw air into them and push it outward into the room.

In general, the majority of electric heaters are designed to supplement a dwelling’s primary heating system. Some, such as electric baseboard heaters, are hardwired into a house and function as the primary heating system. Others, such as portable space heaters and radiant infrared space heaters, are designed to be used in a temporary or short term capacity.

Whether you are using an electric heater in the home or a commercial setting, it is important to understand volts, watts, and BTUs. This knowledge will help you select the right unit for your application.

It is always best to plug an electric heater directly into an electrical outlet. If you must use an extension cord or power strip, make sure that it is a heavy-duty model with a high wattage rating and only use it for the amount of time that the manufacturer specifies. Doing so reduces the risk of overheating that may lead to a fire. Avoid putting any furniture, drapes, or other combustible items within 3 feet of an electric heater. Likewise, do not leave an electric space heater unattended and keep children away from the hot surfaces. Look for a safety feature such as a tip-over cut off switch to prevent accidental injury. electric heater

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