When it comes to Star Wars collectibles, Funko Pops are a top choice among fans. They capture the essence of iconic characters like the sinister Darth Vader, swashbuckling Han Solo and the enigmatic Princess Leia. These vinyl figurines also hold considerable value in the resale market. So if you’re looking to add to your collection or start a new one, here are some of the best funko pop star wars that you can purchase for your home.

The villain bounty hunter Boba Fett has an unwavering cult following in the Star Wars franchise. So, it should come as no surprise that the Funko Pop of him was an instant hit. The version with a light blue armored Fett is the most valuable, as it commands an asking price of over $2,150 on eBay.

Another high-selling character from the Star Wars universe is Jabba the Hutt. The crooked huttleer has a monster-like appearance that makes him a terrifying and memorable villain in the film series. This deluxe funko pop of the Hutt is a must-have for any Star Wars fan and also makes an impressive addition to any Funko Pop collector’s shelf.

The newest wave of Star Wars Funko Pops are based on a variety of films and TV shows. For example, the new Incinerator Stormtrooper has cool red and white helmets that look more vibrant than most other versions of the iconic troopers. Additionally, the figure is equipped with a flamethrower that curls out of its shoulder, making it an outstanding addition to any collection. funko pop star wars

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