Gebaudereinigung Luneburg
A clean and well-maintained roof is an important part of the structure of your building. We offer a complete range of cleaning services, including gutter clearing, power washing, and roof coating. We also offer a comprehensive cleaning service for facades, windows, and doors. This means your roof will not only look beautiful, but will last for longer as well.

We are a family-run business founded in 1962 with locations in Hamburg, Luneburg and throughout Northern Germany. Our team of experienced and motivated employees understands the importance of cleanliness in all areas, and we are happy to help you keep your property clean and tidy.

Whether in a factory, office or warehouse, a clean workspace creates a positive impression on your customers and visitors. In addition, a clean working environment helps to increase productivity and efficiency. Moreover, it is an important health factor and protects your equipment against damage. We take care of all aspects of cleanliness – systematically, fast and reliably. We offer our clients a full range of cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential properties, as well as for industrial plants and machinery. We specialize in the fields of Gebaudereinigung, Industriereinigung, Pflege- und Klinikdienste and Sicherheitsdienste. Our highly qualified staff and modern equipment ensure a high level of quality for your facility. Gebäudereinigung Lüneburg

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