If you think that giving specialty coffee cups and mugs as gourmet coffee gifts is boring, think again. They have indeed come a long way from their basic conventional use. The type of cups suitable for the type of gourmet coffee varies. While paper coffee cups are convenient for on the go individuals to kick start their day, they are never for specialty coffee drinkers as it impacts both the aroma as well the taste of the coffee.

The best cups for coffees are porcelain cups and when serving a great coffee, you should warm it up to ensure that the coffee temperature is maintained consistent to retain and lets it exude its full aroma. The shape of the coffee cups impacts the senses, namely smell, taste, sight and the ultimate level of consumption enjoyment. While the usual coffee mug does well for your premium coffee and cappuccinos, the tall glass of the latte gives more pleasure with the rainbow layers of milk that mixes with it.

For almost every type of specialty coffee, there is at least a few specialty coffee mugs specifically designed for them to be served in. Take for instance the Irish coffee mug, which are made of heavy clear glass with a footed bottom and taller than your conventional brew of the day mugs. As different as they are, the espresso cups are dainty, petite little cups with little saucers often only containing about 3 oz of the brew.

Not to forget the very functional travel mugs which are essentially made of stainless steel, and insulated to help you keep your coffee warm. Almost every other coffee drinker would either own one or more travel mug, even when all the travelling they do are from the coffee pantry to their workstation. The main reasons being that the travel mugs double up as personal coffee mugs with their very convenient handles, their ability to keep the brew warm as well as their sipper gadgets.

Indeed, to the non coffee drinker, a coffee mug is just another cup. But to the coffee connoisseur, it makes all the differences. I am very sure they would be totally appalled if you use a bowl like cappuccino mug for your Irish coffee. Always know your coffee and their matching mugs thoroughly, especially when serving that coffee connoisseur boss of yours. They make even better gourmet coffee gifts too. best iced coffee tumbler

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