Reserve residences offer cosy short- and long-term accommodation throughout the year. The elegant residences are surrounded by gardens and have easy access to the beach and various restaurants and bars.

The reservation system was a central element of the colonial attempt to civilize Aboriginal peoples by introducing them to agriculture, Christianity and a sedentary lifestyle based on private property. The concept of reserves and their associated restrictions on movement, activity and access to resources remains a powerful influence on Aboriginal life in Canada today.

Housing remains one of the most pressing challenges faced by First Nations communities, including reserve residents. Although the federal government has worked to improve on-reserve housing, issues such as overcrowding and substandard construction continue to exist.

A variety of programs and initiatives are available to assist First Nation communities with building or renovating their homes, including the Ministerial Loan Guarantees and shelter allowance component of Income Assistance as well as proposals-based and capacity development activities. However, these programs have had limited impact on the number and quality of houses built on reserve.

Experience elevated living at Heron Reserve Apartments in Charleston, where upgraded interior features such as sunken living rooms and soaring nine-foot ceilings pair with inviting on-site amenities like a gorgeous 1.3 mile walking trail that winds around the community, resort style pool and state-of-the-art fitness center.

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