The ai marketing umbrella encompasses all the ways in which AI is used to carry out successful marketing functions. This includes everything from algorithms that create blog outlines to customer service chatbots that can answer frequently asked questions. The most effective ai marketing platforms help marketers save time while also improving overall performance.

A highly granular level of personalization is now expected by consumers, and AI marketing helps deliver it. The technology allows you to better understand consumer preferences on a deep and individual level, using data points such as purchase history, location, past brand interactions and more. For example, Amazon Music knows that you’re a Miles Davis fan and creates a personalized playlist for you, or that you’re in the mood for a particular movie genre based on your past viewing habits.

Additionally, AI can help you identify potential customers with similar needs and buying behaviors by quickly scanning customer data for patterns. This shortens the lead time between landing a new account and selling to them, saving you both time and resources.

Another way that ai marketing can boost your business is by allowing you to optimize prices based on real-time market information and competitor analysis. A company specializing in snack foods, for example, could use an AI-powered platform to track the popularity of different flavors around the world in order to optimize their product portfolio and pricing. This would improve their positioning in the global marketplace while simultaneously increasing sales and bolstering ROI. ai marketing

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