assurance santé is one of the most important financial tools available to Americans. It helps families pay for preventive care that can save lives, as well as help people manage chronic conditions and get treatment when they need it. But the nation’s complex system of private and public coverage can make it difficult to navigate.

Medicaid has bridged gaps in health care access for five decades, and it’s assumed an even larger role under the Affordable Care Act. Our new “Medicaid Works” blog series will examine the program as it continues to serve 97 million low-income individuals at any given time and its impact on the broader health care system.

Until the 1960s, most poor families relied on charity care and often went without medical treatment. But when President Johnson signed Medicaid into law, it changed that. Families became more likely to see a doctor, and infant mortality and infectious diseases fell. Children who grew up in families eligible for Medicaid were also likelier to finish high school and go to college, studies show.

Medica serves communities in the heart of America, offering employer, individual and government-sponsored health coverage in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The company’s vision is to be trusted in the community for providing quality, high-value healthcare that is always affordable. Medica is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn.

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