A brand of RV refrigerators synonymous with durability and energy efficiency, norcold fridges have become a household name for people who enjoy a life on the road. There are many RV owners out there with 20-year-old norcold fridges that still function as they did when new.

Norcold refrigerators work a bit differently from traditional fridges, but with some simple science and a blend of electric and propane power they can keep your food cold on the go. They use a process of converting ammonia from liquid to gas and then circulating it through metal coils, where it absorbs the heat of the environment, turning it back into a liquid and repeating the cycle.

When you’re plugged into an electrical source, the fridge will use a small amount of electricity to ignite the propane flame inside the fridge, switching back to using propane when you disconnect from the power. This feature is what sets them apart from similar appliances, including Dometic fridges, which are often powered solely by electricity.

Another way Norcold refrigerators stand out is how easy they are to work on. Turning them on is as simple as pressing and releasing an on/off button found on the control panel between the fresh food and freezer compartments. They also have a mode selector that allows you to choose between electric and propane-powered operation. norcold rv refrigerator

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