Katana is one of the most famous swords in Japanese history. Not only did it serve as a deadly weapon for the Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan, but it also became a symbol of their power and prestige. It was so important that when a new samurai was born, his or her sword would be brought into the delivery room to greet them, and when a weathered, old veteran warrior was on their deathbed, they were often greeted by their beloved Katana as they prepared to cross over into the White Jade Pavilion of the afterlife.

The process of creating a katana is a sacred act, a craft steeped in tradition and refined over centuries. Each sword is a work of art, an embodiment of the soul and dedication of its creator.

Forging a katana is a long and intricate process that can take up to months. The smith starts by hammering all of the slag off of the tamahagane (traditional Japanese steel) and heating it until it becomes malleable. The smith then folds and flattens the piece of metal over itself, doubling the number of layers. This technique, known as forging, increases the strength of the steel while making it more flexible.

Next, the smith quenches the blade in water. This rapid cooling creates two distinct zones of hardness in the blade: a soft core and spine, and a hard, sharp edge. This is a crucial step that shows the smith’s skill. Manga Katana collection

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