Holidays are always more expensive at peak times, especially as school holidays and popular travel dates approach. This is partly down to increased demand but also because many companies now use’surge pricing’. This technology – probably best known thanks to ride-sharing app Uber – automatically increases prices after a certain amount of demand is reached. This means that even a small increase in demand for flights or accommodation can push up the price and leave you paying a premium compared with if you booked outside of these high-demand days.

The best time to book a holiday is well in advance but that’s not always possible for everyone. If you’re not able to book early then being flexible on when you want to go can make a huge difference. You may have to be willing to fly midweek or take a slightly later flight but by being open to a change in itinerary you could find some great bargains.

Another way to save money is to look for package holidays, where everything is bundled together in one price. Websites such as Teletext Holidays offer a range of different options with hotels and flights included, often at very competitive prices. If you’re looking for a short city break then this type of holiday can be ideal, as cities are usually very close to airports.

If you are looking for a longer trip then be sure to check out the deals available at Last Minute Escapes. This site manually searches for big holiday offers each day, emailing them to subscribers – at the moment you can grab a two-night trip to Rome for PS70pp! book cheap holiday online

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