Dubai is one of the world’s leading gold trading hubs with a thriving market and many dealers. Nevertheless, prices can fluctuate depending on various factors.

Knowing the current price of gold can help you get a better deal on your purchase. You can look up online for the price or pay attention to local newspapers.


As gold is a valuable metal, its price fluctuates on a daily basis. Purchasing it in Dubai can save you more because there is no Value Added Tax (VAT) on gold in the city. Moreover, gold and other precious metals are not subject to import duties in the city which makes it cheaper for buyers.

Ensure you know the purity of your jewellery before making a purchase. The purity of jewellery is labelled with Karat, which is an internationally recognised unit of measurement for the fineness of gold. The higher the Karat, the purer the gold is.

In addition, retailers in the city regularly test their gold and other precious metals for quality and authenticity. They also examine their weighing scales to ensure they are accurate. If any violations are found, they are acted upon promptly. This translates to transparency and trust between consumers and stores. This is why many buyers prefer to shop in the UAE.

Variety of Designs

Gold is not only used as jewellery, but also in making different kinds of household goods and decorative items. Hence, you’ll find an extensive range of designs available in this market. This makes it an ideal destination for those who are looking to buy jewellery at wholesale prices.

The price of gold in Dubai varies depending on the kind of jewellery you’re interested in. However, it’s a good idea to bargain with the sellers and try to get the best deal.

You should always look for the hallmark stamp before purchasing gold. Also, make sure to know the karat of the gold you’re buying. Karat refers to the percentage of gold in the alloy. For instance, 22K gold has a higher purity than 9K gold.

Besides, it’s also important to check the making charges before you make a purchase. These are the costs incurred to make the jewellery. These may include labour charges or manpower, and the making charges vary from jewellery to jewellery.


Whether as an investment or a cherished heirloom, gold holds a special place in Dubai’s culture. The glimmering precious metal is visible in every corner of the city, from its bustling gold souks to extravagant jewellery stores.

A thriving market and stringent regulations make it easier to buy and sell gold in Dubai. In addition, purchasing gold in Dubai is a tax-free transaction, reducing the overall cost of the purchase. However, foreign exchange rates can fluctuate, making it important to keep track of current prices before making a decision to buy or sell.

When shopping for gold, it’s important to compare prices from different vendors before making a purchase. Buying from a reputable retailer will ensure that you’re getting the best possible price. Additionally, it’s important to look for hallmarks and certifications that guarantee the purity of the gold you’re purchasing. Authenticity can be confirmed by checking for purity markings on the jewellery or by examining it under a magnifying glass.


Dubai’s gold price is based on international gold values, guaranteeing uniform pricing at all the city’s jewelry shops. This helps customers avoid getting duped by unethical merchants and save money on their purchases.

When you visit a shop in the Gold Souk, the jeweller will weigh your gold in front of you and quote a starting price. This is the moment for you to either frown slightly or keep a blank expression on your face.

You can also bargain with the making charges that are applied to your jewellery purchase. These charges can range from 30%-50% and vary from shop to shop.

In addition, zero import duty and a VAT refund scheme for foreign passport holders make gold much cheaper in Dubai than in other countries. These benefits are especially attractive for Indian buyers. As a result, Joyalukkas claims that gold purchases have returned to pre-pandemic levels in the past few weeks. The company is expecting a steady increase in purchases by Indians during the Diwali festival this year. Gold Price Dubai

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