The German language is a very important world language with 229 million speakers worldwide, and the second most spoken native language in the EU. The fact that it is closely related to English also makes it an easy language for many English-speaking people to learn, and it can open doors for work and travel in the European Union and beyond.

The best way to learn German is to immerse yourself in the language by learning with a local tutor. Private lessons allow you to get 100% of your instructor’s attention and design a course that meets your unique goals. You can choose from a wide range of teaching styles, and many teachers offer supplementary materials to help you practice outside of class.

A popular choice for adults seeking to learn German in London is the part-time evening German courses offered at Imperial College. These intensive German classes for beginners are ideal for working professionals, students, or anyone looking to improve their German quickly and efficiently.

Juliane’s lessons are well structured and clear and she builds your understanding of the grammar right from the start. She explains the vocabulary in a very clear way and provides interactive exercises which help you to memorize the words. She also returns to each grammatical point with further explanations or additional examples in later videos. She also allows you to ask questions or write down sentences under each video and always provides a detailed reply. German lessons London

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