Whipped soap is a popular soap that has been whipped to create a soft texture. It’s made with soap, butters and oils, which are whipped until they have a light, fluffy texture that feels luxurious on the skin. It also provides a good lather. You can use whipped soap in the bath or shower to clean your skin, and you can also apply it with a sponge or loofah for a smooth shave.

This whipped soap recipe is gentle and nourishing, containing Shea and Cocoa butters and sweet almond oil to moisturise the skin. It has a delightfully fresh fragrance that reminds you of desi gulab.

You can make this whipped soap with a variety of different ingredients, making it the perfect base for experimentation. Weigh out the ingredients and add them to your melted soap base. If desired, add soap colour and a few drops of essential or fragrance oil. Once it’s completely cooled, whip the mixture until it is fluffy and light.

Weigh out 0.6 oz of SCI powder and stir it into the whipped soap mix until it is fully dissolved. Then add stearic acid and tetrasodium EDTA. Mix well and bring over to a double boiler.

Once the whipped soap mixture is melted, remove it from the heat and whisk until it is a smooth consistency. Then add your preservative and continue to whisk until the mixture is light, fluffy and reaches a pale white in color. Best Whipped Soap

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