When it comes to baby photos, there is a lot of gear and props that photographers can use. But the most important factor in capturing beautiful newborn and infant images is still the photographer. From posing them for a posed newborn photoshoot to capturing cake smash photos for one-year-olds, it takes experience, knowledge and a lot of forethought to achieve amazing baby pictures.

Newborn and baby photos are the perfect way to capture the sweet and precious moments of a family’s growth together. From weekly bump pics to their first birthday, it is important to document these special memories so that they can be cherished forever.

The best time to photograph a newborn is within their first two weeks of life. This is when they are still curled up and sleepy and are the easiest to pose. After that, babies will begin to stretch and move around which can make posing them more difficult.

It’s also a good idea to practice wrapping poses on a doll before the actual shoot. This will help you to refine your technique and will ensure that the wrapping is secure. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Exhaust all of the possibilities before moving on to a different pose or setup.

When photographing babies, it is crucial to remember that they can pick up on nervous energy and this will be reflected in their expressions. It is also important to keep the parents at ease during the shoot by reassuring them that their baby’s safety is your number one priority. This will put them at ease and they will be much more likely to relax during the photoshoot.

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