Singapore is a preferred location for business due to its robust economy, supportive government policies, excellent infrastructure and financial system. It also offers a solid trademark IP protection framework and strategic geographical position in Asia Pacific. Hence, many international companies look to register their new businesses in Singapore.

The first step is to select the type of legal entity you want to register for your business. The most popular structure is a Private Limited Company which is a separate legal entity from its owners and shareholders and provides limited liability protection. Another option is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) which allows partners to share the profits and liabilities of the business. Both options can be registered online with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

After selecting the structure, you will need to get the company name approved. This can be done online with the ACRA website but requires a SingPass. ACRA will check that the name you are using is available and does not infringe on any trademark or copyright laws.

Once the company name is approved, you will need to complete the required incorporation documents. Once all the documents are signed, you can submit them to ACRA for registration. This process can be completed online and typically takes less than an hour. You will receive an e-Certificate of Incorporation which shows the company’s name, date of incorporation and its Unique Identification Number or UEN.

There may be additional requirements depending on the type of business you are engaged in such as securing business licenses and permits. These are individual requirements from independent government agencies and depend on the nature of your business activities such as restaurants, education and travel agencies, export/import businesses, and financial services. how to register a company in Singapore

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