How to Turn the Flashlight Off on iPhone 12How to Turn the Flashlight Off on iPhone 12

If you’ve ever found yourself walking down a dark street at night, or stumbling to the fridge in the middle of the night, then you probably know how handy a flashlight can be. But did you know that there are several ways to turn the flashlight on or off on your iPhone?

Tap and hold the flashlight icon on the lock screen

Turning on the flashlight on your iPhone is great when you need it for emergencies, but it can also drain the battery quickly if you forget to turn it off. There are several ways to do this, but one of the best is to use your phone’s Control Center.

The Control Center is a handy place to access settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb quickly, and you can easily turn off the flashlight here. Just swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the Control Center, and tap the flashlight icon to turn it off.

Another way to turn the flashlight off on your iPhone is by making a shortcut on your home screen. In the iOS Shortcuts app, simply add a flashlight shortcut.

To do this, enter a name and a home screen icon for your new shortcut. Once you’re done, tap “Add to Home Screen” and your flashlight shortcut will be added to your home screen.

You can even create a shortcut that turns on the flashlight when you tap it. Just make sure to set a default brightness so that you’ll always have it at the same level when you use your shortcut.

If you find that the flashlight won’t turn on or off when you shake your iPhone, you might want to try adjusting its sensitivity. The app Shake Flashlight lets you shake your phone to turn on or off the flashlight, but it requires permission from your camera so that it can access the light that’s on your device’s back.

For example, it might not work if the built-in camera app or other third-party apps like Instagram and Snapchat require access to your camera. But, it should still work if you force quit those apps.

If these options don’t solve your problem, you can try restarting your iPhone. The process varies slightly depending on the model, but it should get your flashlight back on. Or, you can try restoring your iPhone from a backup that was made when the flashlight was working properly. This will restore all of your data from the time you last turned the flashlight off, so be sure to backup any important information before following this option.

Tap and hold the flashlight icon in Control Center

When you need a light, the iPhone’s built-in flashlight can help you find your way through the dark. But sometimes, you may want to turn the flashlight off when you aren’t using it. Luckily, there are several different ways to do this.

One way is to tap and hold the flashlight icon in Control Center of your iPhone 12 to turn it on or off. The flashlight icon is located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. After you press and hold the flashlight icon, your device will vibrate a little to confirm that the feature is on or off.

Another way to quickly turn your flashlight on or off is to use the Flashlight widget. This widget is available through the Smart Stack and can be added to your lock screen.

You can also use this widget to turn your flashlight on or off from the Home screen. The only caveat is that you must have the app installed on your device.

The Control Center widget is a great way to access many features on your iPhone without having to open the main settings app. You can also add multiple icons to your widget for quick access to your favorite apps and settings.

In addition to tapping and holding the flashlight icon in Control Center, you can also use the iPhone’s Back Tap shortcut (an accessibility feature in iOS 14) to turn your flashlight on or off. This shortcut is also great for taking a screenshot, locking the screen, opening the Control Center, and more.

To create a shortcut for your flashlight, go to the Control Center of your iPhone 12. Next, scroll down until you see Flashlight under the ‘INCLUDE’ list. Then, tap the green colored + sign right next to the ‘Flashlight’ control under the ‘MORE CONTROLS’ group.

Once you’ve created the shortcut, you can tap and hold it firmly to turn your flashlight on or off. You can also set it to run automatically whenever you double-tap or triple-tap your device.

If you are experiencing a problem with your iPhone’s flashlight, you can try updating the firmware on your phone. This will allow the system to recognize the issue and fix it. However, you will need to restart your phone after the update has finished.

Tap and hold the flashlight icon on the home screen

The flashlight utility is a handy feature for iPhone users, especially when you need quick access to a bright light without having to unlock the phone. The default way of turning on the flashlight is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center and then tap the flashlight icon.

But there is a workaround to this, which involves creating a shortcut on the home screen of your iPhone 12. This works well for most people, and it doesn’t require the use of any third-party apps.

To create a shortcut, open the Shortcuts app and go to My Shortcuts.

After you’ve created a new flashlight shortcut, tap the three dots (…) next to the name of your new shortcut and then tap Add to Home Screen. Once you’ve done this, the flashlight shortcut will live on your Home Screen and you can easily turn it on or off.

If you want to control the brightness of the flashlight, you can also adjust the light’s intensity by dragging your finger along the vertical bar underneath it. It’s also possible to activate the flashlight by waking up your iPhone or asking Siri to do so.

However, this method can be a bit annoying and awkward if you’re constantly needing to unlock your iPhone. Thankfully, there is a simple workaround to this problem and you can simply tap and hold the flashlight icon on the home screen of your iPhone 12 to activate the light.

Tap and hold the flashlight icon in Settings

The flashlight on an iPhone is essential for helping you see in the dark, but sometimes it can turn on by itself if you don’t tap it quickly enough. If that’s happening to you, here’s how to stop it.

There are two ways to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone 12 and later: one from the lock screen and one in Control Center. Both work well, but the Control Center method is more convenient.

To use the Control Center method, open your iPhone’s Settings app. Then, tap on “Control Center” and select “Customize Controls.” You should now see a segmented bar at the top of your screen. Swipe up on the bar to make your flashlight brighter, and swipe down to dim it.

While the Control Center method is good, if you want to have more control over your flashlight’s brightness, you can do so from the Settings app. Just head to the “More Controls” section, find the Flashlight control there, and enable it by tapping on the green + sign next to it.

Once you’ve enabled the Flashlight control, you can then add it to your home screen and configure it as a shortcut. Just follow the directions on the page and you should have a shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen that will turn off the flashlight whenever you need it.

You can also use the shortcut to control your flashlight’s brightness directly from Control Center. You’ll still need to create a shortcut for this, but this will be quicker and easier than having to navigate through Control Center every time you need to change the brightness of your flashlight.

If you’re an iOS 14 user, a new feature called Back Tap allows you to turn your flashlight on and off using only two or three taps on the back of your device. It’s available on all iPhones released after the iPhone 8 and X, and is especially useful for people with accessibility issues who may not be able to access their iPhone’s lock screen or Control Center.

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