Icebreaker questions encourage participants to engage with one another, which in turn helps break down barriers that may hinder teamwork and productivity. Icebreaker activities can be simple or complex, but they always aim to bring people together in a fun and relaxed way.

Whether you’re organizing a virtual happy hour or a group call with your distributed team, using the right icebreaker questions can help to build connection and engagement. Here are some examples of fun icebreaker questions that can be used to get your team talking:

What would you do if you could fly?
A comic book artist who was a guest on a recent episode of This American Life used this throwaway question to break the ice at parties. It was such a hit that people were calling him days later to ask him similar questions, such as if they could carry a million dollars or go invisible. These types of fun icebreaker questions show how easy it is to engage people with a simple and entertaining question.

What is the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
This fun icebreaker question encourages participants to share an embarrassing story with one another. In addition, it allows them to discover more about their teammates’ personalities and work habits.

This icebreaker questions is a great activity to use with distributed teams, as it allows participants to bond over their shared experiences. The questions are not only interesting, but they also allow participants to share customs and values that are unique to their home countries. ice breaker questions

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