Pick up lines can be funny, cheesy or even corny but they often work to grab attention and spark attraction. They are especially effective when paired with the right body language and mindset. However, it’s important to use these lines sparingly as too many of them can make you seem desperate or unoriginal. It’s also best to save them for more casual encounters like first meetings, when you already know the person a bit and want to lighten up the conversation, or after you have made basic introductions. They can be particularly effective in customer service situations, as a quick compliment can revive a conversation and show that you are confident and easygoing.

Some of the best pick up lines are ones that play on words or double meanings. They can be a fun way to break the ice and make a girl smile. The trick is to deliver them with quiet confidence and a subtle smirk so that the line doesn’t sound too cheesy. It’s also important to keep in mind that the person you are talking to may receive dozens of these lines a night, so it’s better to use a witty line than something generic or dull.

More risky pick up lines are a bit bolder and require more confidence to pull off. They can be used as a tease to make her blush or as a way to show that you are interested in her. This type of pickup line is usually more effective when used in a setting where the other person is familiar with you, like at a party or at a bar where you are both friends.

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