Allstate is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States. It offers multiple options for car insurance, including comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as supplemental policies like roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. It also provides innovative tools for saving on premiums, such as Drivewise, a usage-based discount program that rewards drivers based on their actual driving behavior.

allstate customer service agents have historically played an important role in building strong relationships with customers and fostering loyalty to the brand, which resulted in high customer retention rates and industry-leading profit margins. However, the company’s new strategy to cut agent commissions and shift to a direct sales model threatens to alienate its existing client base. In addition, Allstate’s growing online presence is undercutting its traditional agent-led sales channel.

Despite its large customer base, Allstate has had to settle several class action lawsuits in recent years for spam texting personal numbers purchased from data aggregators and improperly denied property damage claims. It has also been the target of complaints from state regulators and consumers for using shady tactics to avoid paying its policyholders.

To help address these issues, Allstate launched a project in September to integrate Amelia, an artificial intelligence software platform created by New York-based technology company IPsoft, into its call center to guide agents through difficult customer interactions. Amelia, which uses natural language speech to communicate with customers, can assist with a range of policy questions, from basic information requests to providing detailed explanations of complex policy details.

In a pilot, Allstate implemented Amelia into two of its largest call centers in the United States. The company plans to deploy the software throughout its national call center network by 2020, with the goal of reducing customer contact volume while increasing overall satisfaction. This can be accomplished by enabling agents to focus on customer needs and creating a more fulfilling experience for customers.

Amelia has also enabled Allstate to improve its authentication processes by leveraging machine learning and biometrics to establish customer identity with minimal effort on the part of the customer, so they can quickly move on to their actual reason for contacting Allstate. Ultimately, this will allow Allstate to offer a more personalized and relevant experience for its customers and reduce fraud while decreasing the cost of customer care.

If you have a complaint about Allstate, the first thing to do is to try and resolve it through their internal dispute resolution process. This typically involves talking with a supervisor or manager who will review your claim and determine whether or not it has been processed correctly. If you are not happy with the outcome of this process, you can file a formal complaint with your state’s department of insurance or the Better Business Bureau. You can file a complaint through either of these channels by submitting your evidence and the details of your dispute. In most cases, the Better Business Bureau will review your complaint and notify Allstate of it within 30 days.

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