With plastic pollution becoming a major concern worldwide, businesses are looking for innovative materials and packaging solutions. One option is cold water soluble film, also known as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The low-stretch material is biodegradable and offers the potential for zero waste. PVA is also less expensive than other plastics and can be recycled.

PVA is also useful in medical applications. Doctors use it to limit contamination between patients and hospital staff when performing injections or other procedures. In addition, PVA can be used to make medical equipment more resistant to damage. For instance, it is a good choice for embroidery backings to protect the material and prevent stains from the needle.

Laundry Pods Packaging Machine
The high-speed operation of laundry pod packaging machines makes them the ideal solution for fast-paced businesses. The machines encapsulate detergent in water-soluble PVA films at a rate of up to 800 pods per minute. Unlike manual methods, the machines maintain an accuracy margin of less than 1%, ensuring consistent quality and safety.

The NZM350 laundry pods packing machine features a drum-type design, an influential factor in its high-speed functionality. The machine also consumes 4.5 kW of power, making it energy efficient and reducing operating costs. Moreover, its quiet operation ensures a safe work environment. polyva

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