Inspire the people you love with a meaningful message, shape or symbol from our collection of inspirational rings. We’re proud to craft heirloom-quality sterling silver and gold-plated pieces that have meaning for you and the people who wear them.

Throughout the European Middle Ages, the signet ring was of great importance in religious, legal and commercial transactions. The Roman Catholic church conferred episcopal rings upon bishops and so-called papal rings were given by popes to cardinals.

Today, we wear inspirational rings as a daily reminder of what is important to us. We have the Gordian knot, a symbol of eternal life that untangles like a snake, and David’s Happiness Ring, engraved with “This will also change.” We can remember to let go of all our problems and just enjoy the present moment.

Jewelry is much more than accessories that look beautiful. It can be a form of self-expression, a way to honor a loved one, or a reminder of an aspiration or goal. For example, a customer may come to you wanting a ring that reminds them of bravery, so they can embody the quality in their day-to-day lives.

Inspirational and aspirational jewelry is a wonderful way to promote your line of jewelry. You can create content that highlights the words or symbols within your jewelry collection and what they mean in different cultures and to you personally. You can also partner with Instagram influencers to feature your jewelry on their feeds so they can share it with thousands of followers. inspirational rings

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