Israel’s Isracard credit card company will support Apple Pay in its mobile phone app. The app uses a chip in the phone that can be read by a scanner at Points of Sale.

The company clears various branded debit cards. It also offers loans, credit solutions and innovative digital payment options.

1. Easy to use

Isracard’s mobile phone app allows customers to use their card wherever and whenever they need it. Whether it’s reporting an accidental or suspicious transaction, increasing your credit facility or updating personal information, the app makes it easy and fast to handle any situation.

Moreover, the application provides valuable insights that help in the management of expenses and the ability to track activity on the account. It also offers the ability to apply for an instant loan in a few steps.

The app is designed to fit the smartphone’s size and features a compact design and a high-resolution display. The Isracard logo and color palette are used throughout the design to ensure consistency. It is available in multiple languages and includes useful shortcuts for frequently-used features.

Isracard Ltd. operates as a financial services company. The Company offers credit payment solutions to business owners, bank branches and merchants. Isracard serves customers worldwide. The Company’s products include cash withdrawal cards, credit cards and credit agreements for banks. Isracard is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Identify key decision makers at Isracard in less than 30 seconds. Get verified contact data directly from LinkedIn or company websites. Trusted by 500K+ users globally. Try now! It’s free.

2. Convenient to carry

Isracard will start to issue tens of thousands of customers a technologically advanced wireless credit card or a sticker that attaches to the phone, enabling them to make payments with Mastercard’s contactless system. The service will initially be available at the company’s Super-Pharm stores and Aroma cafes in Israel. The customer will be able to make the payment by simply placing the card or sticker (and in the future the cell phone) next to the Point of Sale device.

The Isracard app allows the user to easily track and manage the card’s balance and usage, and set monthly spending limits. Users can recharge the card online or at an Isracard cash machine. The card can also be used to withdraw money at an ATM. The card is especially convenient for parents and youth who need to control household expenses during the summer vacation and Jewish holidays, when family purchases tend to be higher than usual.

Isracard, the leading credit card company in Israel, has launched a new smartphone payment solution called ANYPAY. The ANYPAY service is available to Isracard credit card holders who own a Mastercard credit card and a smartphone with an Android operating system. Unlike other smartphone payment services, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, Isracard’s ANYPAY requires no additional download or special hardware.

3. Convenient to recharge

Isracard phone offers the convenience of a contactless credit card, enabling its owners to make payments at Points-of-Sale simply by placing their cell phones next to a scanner. This is made possible by a chip in the cell phone that allows it to function as a payment device.

During the pilot, Isracard will distribute to Bank Hapoalim and Lifestyle customers (Super-Pharm’s loyalty club) a sticker with an NFC chip that can be placed on their cell phone or in the future on their digital wallet, which will allow them to receive additional benefits and discounts. The service will be available at a number of stores in Israel and overseas.

As a market leader in payment processes, Isracard is hyper-aware of the importance of building client relationships. This is why they are partnering with startups, accelerator groups and customer clubs to enhance the customer journey, in order to give them the value that they deserve.

4. Convenient to pay

Isracard is upgrading its points of sale with new equipment to allow customers to pay with their cell phones. Customers will receive either a wireless credit card, or a sticker that attaches to the cell phone that contains a chip that works in the same way as a contactless Mastercard. The system is being tested at Super-Pharm stores and Aroma cafes throughout Israel.

According to Isracard CEO Dorel Weksler, consumers are eager to share information about their behavior with companies in exchange for value. As a result, businesses should focus on delivering a seamless ecommerce experience to their customers. Weksler believes that this is the key to success in the FinTech space.

In order to do so, companies must understand their customers’ journeys and how they are changing. As a payment processor, Weksler is hyper-aware of this shift in consumer expectations.

Isracard recently launched an app that lets you use your smartphone to pay for public transportation, and it will automatically charge your Isracard credit card based on the trips you make. It also offers other conveniences such as tracking your travel history and charges, and a monthly invoice. You can download the app, called ANYWAY, in your phone’s App Store or Google Play. The service is open to all Isracard customers. The company plans to launch the app on Matronly buses and train in a few weeks, followed by additional public transport options. ישראכרט טלפון

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