Embryo testing is a process used during IVF to determine whether a fertilized egg has a genetic problem that could lead to miscarriage. It also examines the embryos for chromosomal abnormalities that might prevent pregnancy from developing. It is recommended when a known condition or chromosomal disorder is present in either the woman or the man.

Zulekha Hospital

Zulekha Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital offering inpatient and outpatient treatment. It is JCI-accredited and offers a range of medical and surgical procedures. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art operation theater arrangements, emergency services and labor rooms. It also has a cardiac catheterization laboratory and dialysis unit. It is also home to multiple centers of excellence in cardiology, plastic surgery, general surgery and oncology.

Zulekha has a team of expert doctors and nurses who provide compassionate care. They offer various packages that include maternity and weight loss treatments, and cosmetic procedures. In addition to these services, the hospital has a dedicated cancer care center that provides chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The hospital is located in Dubai, UAE and is easily accessible from the airport. You can take a taxi or metro to reach the hospital. Zulekha Hospital is known for its advanced technology and specialized treatment. The hospital also offers a variety of other services, including telemedicine and home care.

Al Zahra Hospital

The hospital is a thriving regional independent healthcare provider, serving the local and international community in the UAE. It provides premium medical care and comfort through world class medical experts and state of the art equipment. The medical team consists of more than 250 highly skilled doctors and over 400 nurses. Their aim is to not only provide quality treatment, but also help patients play a more active role in their healthcare. Their services include outpatient and inpatient care, diagnostic and radiology procedures, ambulatory surgery, and emergency and urgent care. Their extensive network of medical specialists is able to treat a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

The hospital is committed to the privacy of their patients and will only release records to a representative, spouse or family member with a signed authorization from the patient.

New Hope Hospital

New Hope IVF is the best hospital for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Sharjah and Dubai, UAE. Their doctors have a high success rate and offer a variety of treatment options. These include IUI, ICSI, and third-party reproduction. They also provide egg freezing and surrogacy services.

Their healthcare team works as a coordinated unit in your overall treatment plan. This is why they have a high success rate, which is on par with internationally acceptable standards. In addition, their patients feel comfortable and welcome in a caring environment.

The staff at New Hope is very friendly and helpful. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your fertility treatment. They also offer free telemed consultations so you can talk to your doctor via video chat. In addition to this, they have a large selection of fertility testing and can treat many conditions. They are also known for their competitive pricing and excellent results.

Sharjah Fertility Center

The clinic is known for its cost-effective and quality procedures. It is also highly transparent in their dealings and the patients are well-informed about the procedure. The doctors and staff are committed to helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Lifeway Specialized Medical Center has an in-house IVF laboratory and is equipped with the latest technologies. This facility offers a wide range of services, including IVF-ICSI, egg donation, and gender selection. In addition, they are experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

PGD is an advanced form of IVF and can help determine the cause of a woman’s infertility. It can also be used to screen for hereditary diseases and chromosomal abnormalities. The process involves combining eggs with sperm in a lab and then transferring one or more embryos to the uterus. This is a safe and effective treatment for infertility. It can be performed on both women and men. It is recommended that a man have a semen analysis done before getting this procedure. IVF Clinic Sharjah

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