Unlike America, we Brits don’t have garages or sheds big enough to store the large front targa panels on a two-door Wrangler. It’s a problem, because a Jeep without its roof is like a truck on a pogo stick.

Having a spare tire cover for your Jeep can help keep it clean and protected from the elements. These covers can also prevent theft.

Caps Supply JL Tire Cover Multicolor Blue Green Flower

If you’re looking for a tire cover that offers a pop of color but still fits with your Jeep design, try this one from Caps Supply. It features a calm multi-chromatic blue flower pattern and is compatible with tire sizes between 28 to 35 inches. It also has a center cut-out that’s compatible with backup cameras. Additionally, this cover is made right here in the United States.

Another option for those who love to show off their American pride is this cover from Tire Cover Central. It features a flowing American flag background with a bald eagle on top, so it’s sure to stand out. This cover is designed for Jeep JLs with a 32-inch spare tire and has a small hole that’s compatible with backup cameras.

Another great choice for those who want to customize their cover is the TESFANS Custom Spare Tire Cover. This cover allows you to add your own text message, so you can share a message with your loved ones or even advertise your business. It’s compatible with a range of tire sizes and is made with durable materials for maximum protection.

Boomerang Distressed American Flag

This spare tire cover from Boomerang is a great choice for those who want to protect their tire from outside influences. It is made from a soft vinyl material and features a top double-stitched construction for added durability. Its distressed American flag design is sure to add a touch of style to your vehicle. This cover is compatible with most Jeep models and fits tires up to 33 inches.

The slip-on design of this tire cover makes it easy to install. The tightening elastic cord helps to ensure a snug fit. The printing on the cover is super cool to give your Jeep a vibrant feeling on the road. Moreover, the wipe-clean polyester material of this tire cover is safe from sun, dust, rain, and snow influence.

Another great option for a Jeep Wrangler hard tire cover is the Boomerang 32-inch Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover. This cover features a plastic face and stainless steel ring for extreme protection. It is available in a variety of plastic colors, including silver metallic and hydro blue. The cover is heavy-duty and comes with a carrying handle for ease of transport.

Another excellent option for a Jeep Wrangler hardtire cover is the Tire Cover Central Eagle American Flag Spare Tire Cover. This cover features an American flag background and a bald eagle on top. It is compatible with all Jeep JL trims and has a small hole for backup cameras. It is also UV-resistant and scratch-resistant.

MOONET Tire Cover

When you’re driving a car that has a spare tire mounted to the tailgate, a cover is one of the simplest ways to protect it. These covers slip on and off easily, keeping your spare out of sight when not in use. They also offer good protection from rain, snow, sand and other elements that can damage the tire. Whether you’re commuting to work on the city streets or tearing up the trails off-road, a tire cover is an affordable way to keep your ride safe and clean.

This cover from MOONET offers a calm multi-chromatic blue pattern that complements the color scheme of any Jeep. It fits tires between 28 and 35 inches in diameter, and it has a small hole compatible with backup cameras. The cover is made in the United States.

For drivers who prefer simple, basic practicality on a budget, this PVC leather Moonet cover is hard to beat. It comes in a dark shade that looks expensive but won’t get soiled easily, and it’s easy to wipe down. The cover is also water resistant, and its elastic opening system keeps it secure and out of the elements. It may not stand up to extreme conditions, but it’s a solid, inexpensive alternative to an OEM replacement. It also comes with a drawstring bag to neatly store the cover when not in use.

Boomerang 32-inch Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover

A spare tire cover protects your Jeep Wrangler’s spare tire from the elements, which will keep it in good shape for when you need it. It will also prevent the tire from becoming worn down and damaged over time. The cover will also help your vehicle look nicer by keeping the wheel clean and protecting it from dirt, rocks, and other debris.

Several different styles are available to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your personal style. Some covers camouflage the tire to make it less appealing to thieves, while others have eye-catching designs that will draw attention. You can even find a custom-made cover that lets you add a message to the back of the spare tire.

The Boomerang 32-inch Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover is an excellent choice for Jeepers who want a heavy-duty cover that will stand up to the elements and road debris. It has a plastic frame that is made with the same colors as the vehicle’s body, which helps it blend in seamlessly. The tire cover also features a bungee cord that keeps it in place and prevents it from moving around.

Another option is the TESFANS Custom Spare Tire Cover, which lets you customize a text message on the front of the cover. This cover is made from vinyl and tested to withstand 90 pounds of rope, making it a durable choice. It has a small center cut-out that is compatible with backup cameras, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

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