Laifen is a young brand that launched its first product on Kickstarter in 2020, but it’s already made a splash in the hair styling space with a disruptive high-speed dryer that aims to prevent damage, make hair soft and bouncy, and reduce the obnoxious noise of standard blow dryers. Today, you can pick up this innovative high-speed negative ion hair dryer for $139 (originally $199).

This slim, lightweight beauty boasts some impressive specs: 1600W of power across three temperature and two airflow settings, plus a computer chip that keeps the air temperature remarkably consistent. It also features a built-in ionizer that neutralizes static electricity and leaves hair with a healthy sheen. And the Swift’s quiet motor—it’s rated at 59 decibels on its highest setting—will not disturb anyone else in your home, and it won’t wake up people in other rooms of your house.

Laifen’s design touches are also excellent. A tri-light system—which glows blue, orange and red depending on the current mode—confirms your choice at a glance, and a handy feature automatically cycles through low, medium and high heat settings, helping you avoid accidentally burning your scalp or hair.

For a little extra oomph, consider upgrading to the Special Edition of the Swift, which includes a quick styling nozzle and diffuser attachment that concentrates air flow for quicker drying and smoothing. Both models come with a removable filter that is easy to clean, and they’re available in several different color options. Laifen offers a two-year manufacturer warranty, and returns are free of charge with a 30-day window. laifen hair dryer

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