A comprehensive m&a training program is one of the best ways to gain the knowledge and skills to become an M&A specialist. These courses are aimed at professionals who want to take up roles in the M&A industry (although they can also be taken by those who already work in investment banking or other areas of corporate finance that deal with M&A) and will cover the various stages from sourcing a transaction, strategy development through to negotiating and post-merger integration.

Taking a more practical approach than some of the academic courses on offer, this M&A training program from IMAA covers all of the main elements of an M&A transaction including sourcing, strategic planning, valuation, M&A process management and due diligence. It also includes modules on LBOs, IPOs, divestitures and even accounting. Taking this course will get you the IMAA M&A Charter and is ideal for anyone wanting to signal their expertise in M&A to peers or employers.

M&A is one of the most challenging jobs in finance and requires a high level of skill to master. This M&A science academy course is a great way to learn from real life experiences shared by expert practitioners and will give you the knowledge to develop your M&A strategy, prepare for a takeover and much more. It also includes a course on negotiation which is something that many M&A bankers will need to develop. Unlike most M&A training, this course from the CIMA also assumes some knowledge of financial statements so is more suitable for those who are already working in accounting and finance. m&a training

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