The meal delivery services industry is brutally competitive, and for good reason. It provides a fantastic service to people who don’t have the time or energy to cook substantial meals at home on a regular basis. It also reduces the need to buy groceries, which is great for the environment.

There are two distinct types of meal delivery services: food box or ‘meal kit’ services, and prepared meal delivery services. Food box services typically provide customers with all the ingredients needed to cook up a full meal at home, delivered to their doorstep in pre-portioned containers each week. The best meal delivery services use a range of fresh ingredients from local suppliers, and are free of additives or preservatives.

Most food box services work on a subscription model, with subscribers choosing their preferred plan and how many meals they’d like to receive each week. The meals are usually delivered in chilled boxes, and the recipes are provided via a website or app. YouFoodz, Dinner Ladies, Nourish’d and Soulara are examples of the best food box services in Australia.

Prepared meal services offer cooked meals, typically packed in grab and go containers that are ready to eat, and which have been designed to suit specific diets. Dineamic is the highest rated prepared meal delivery service in Australia, and for good reason. It uses free-range chicken and pork, grass-fed beef and lamb and sustainably fished seafood to make its tasty and flavourful meals. The service is available for delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and comes with a variety of meal plans that are dietitian-designed or DIY, as well as low calorie, low FODMAP, low gluten and no dairy options.

The newest meal delivery service in the Sydney area, Make Out Meals, offers mouth-watering recipes from some of the city’s best restaurants, including Bomba, Tipico, Babajan and ISH. Each meal includes a mix of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients from local producers and easy-to-follow recipe cards. The service also features instructional cooking videos to help you master some of the more tricky dishes. meal delivery services sydney

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