For anyone who has been following tattoo culture on TikTok’s TattooTok, you have probably seen more and more people talking about getting medusa tattoos recently. The popularity of this figure from Ancient Greek mythology is growing fast, and for good reason. Medusa, the snake-haired Gorgon who is famous for her piercing gaze that could turn any bystander to stone, has many layers of symbolism that can resonate with different individuals. For some, her image might be a reminder of the strength and resilience of women, while others might see her as something that represents their own transformation or reclaiming of power.

For girls, the medusa tattoo meaning can be a representation of feminine power and empowerment, especially because she was a monster that was cursed by the goddess Athena. The snakes on her head can also represent the idea of growth and transformation, while her piercing eyes symbolize the power of female intuition. For survivors of sexual assault, the medusa tattoo can be a way to combat victim-blaming as she was often portrayed as evil and jealous.

Regardless of the personal interpretations, one thing is for sure: medusa tattoos are striking and make a bold statement. Whether you get the figure herself, her snake hair, or even the imposing stance of the statue, the design is completely up to you and can be located anywhere on the body. A popular place for a medusa tattoo is the chest and sternum, but other options include arms and backs. medusa tattoo meaning

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