Mould removal london involves getting rid of the black fungus and its spores from all surfaces in your home, which requires specialist cleaning products that kill mould rather than just wipe it away. It is also necessary to remove and clean surrounding areas where mould spores may have settled to prevent it re-growing.

A common cause of mould growth is water ingress and leaks that have not been addressed or cleaned. High humidity levels can also contribute to the problem, especially if your property is lacking in airflow – opening windows for 10/15 minutes daily helps to disperse the moisture.

Exposure to mould spores can have adverse health effects on individuals, particularly those with weakened immune systems and pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Some people may experience skin irritations such as rashes and breathing problems including nose, eyes and throat irritation. It is also possible for people with a sensitivity to certain chemicals in mouldy environments to experience headaches and gastrointestinal problems.

The best way to avoid or treat a mould problem is to act quickly. By dealing with the issue at the first sign of it, you can mitigate the potential risks to your health and the damage to your property.

If you believe you have a mould problem, a professional will conduct a free visual inspection of the affected area, test for visible and invisible spores, and provide a quote for the remediation process. Mould specialists can also offer a range of fogging and odour removal services to tackle unpleasant damp odours in properties. mould removal london

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