Larder fridges are so called because they provide a huge amount of space to keep all your fresh foods cool, just like a larder. Models available in the Neff integrated larder range include the extra large and eye level options, all featuring Neff’s latest technology and design.

The most essential qualities of a larder are that it should be as cool as possible, close to food preparation areas, constructed so as to exclude flies and vermin, easy to keep clean and equipped with shelves and cupboards appropriate to the food being stored.

A Neff integrated larder fridge has all these qualities- the flies and vermin are far easier to exclude these days since the invention of a sealed door.

For total integration into your kitchen design, there are two types of appliance door hinges: a fixed hinge or a sliding hinge. Both of these installation options are straightforward and the right type of hinge for a particular kitchen depends on personal preference and the model being replaced.

There are three Neff integrated larders to choose from. The main difference between the three is their height. The choices of height are 1021mm, 1221mm and 1772mm and obviously which one you might go for may depend on how much space you have available to house the appliance.

The 1772mm Extra Large Larder Fridge includes the fixed hinge system. The benefits of this type of hinge are that you can add more weight to the door, and open it at a larger angle, making it easier to access and to use. The doors close automatically at an angle of approx 15% so there is less chance of the door being left open and food going off.

This extra large model has a total capacity of 314 litres and special features for this model include an internal LED electronic display so that it easy to see what temperature the fridge is running at and so that it can be easily changed if necessary. This model also has the SuperCool function, a pull out fridge tray and an anti bacterial system inside to keep the fridge clean and the food stored there safe from bacteria ad germs.

All of the Neff integrated larders have height adjustable safety glass shelves including one that divides, which have an AntiSpill trim. There is also an internal fridge fan to help keep the temperature at an optimum level, two humidity controlled salad drawers to keep salad crispy and fresh for longer by keeping the humidity at an optimum level.

Apart from the special features that you can see, Neff integrated larders also have useful qualities that cannot be seen until you get your first energy bill. All three models have an energy efficiency rating of A-, a total energy consumption of 179kWh and an annual running cost of just £17.90. It is very important when buying a new fridge to look for an energy efficient appliance. They will save you money in the long run and as an added bonus are far better for the environment. norcold

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