Grip socks are essential for yoga, Pilates, barre and other workouts that require a firm hold on the floor. They also make a great gift for anyone that enjoys taking fitness classes.

Paultex is the leading grip socks manufacturer in the industry. We offer a wide range of colors, materials and designs to meet all your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products at a competitive price.

We use three types of grip materials to create our grip socks: PVC, flocking fabric and silica gel. The material is brushed onto the sock sole to form the texture. The process takes a lot of time, so it is important that the finished product is perfect. This is why we pay special attention to the inspection of our grip socks.

The grips on our grip socks are made from PVC or silica gel, and they are very durable and comfortable to wear. They can withstand repeated washing and drying without losing their texture or color. The material is odorless and has no effect on the human skin and respiratory system, so it is safe for pregnant women to wear. It can pass OEKOTEX-100 testing, and it is also free from dyes, perfumes and chemicals.

We can design custom non-slip bottoms on any sock style, from baby socks to knee high socks. Our grips are available in a variety of fabrics, and we can add a customized label or tag to the package.

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